Free Speech

Manage Yourself

  • “Everyone should love what your candidate stands for, right? This isn’t always the case….You may also make other coworkers, even those who agree with you politically, uncomfortable.  And most detrimental to your career of all, you may raise your boss’s ire.”  Talking Politics at Work:  Why and How to Avoid It, by Dawn Rosenberg McKay.  (h/t Melissa Caron)

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Laying Down the Law

  • “Sometimes employees will say that they have a right to free speech under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  This is not correct.”  Politics in the Workplace, by Jerald Oppel.

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Words, Actions, and Leading

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from the August 20, 2017 edition of How to Have a Job

> Vacation and Paid Time Off, Issue #3

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